Saturday, February 25, 2012

Climbing higher

If we ever to expand beyond our home planet, we need to find suitable places to colonize first. There is no lack of plans for future missions, such as return to Moon, missions to Mars, exploration of Venus or near-Earth asteroids.

However, these environments are less hospitable for humans than ice deserts of Antarctica or Everest summit and also is much harder to reach. Such remote destinations on Earth are visited only by small number of scientists and explorers with even smaller o number of permanent residents.

Other locations within Solar system appear to be no more hospitable to human beings, lacking earth-like atmosphere, gravity or radiation protection, leaving the future of space colonization uncertain.

For humans to expand beyond their home planet, they have to find satisfactory answers for the following three questions:

  • Why should humans colonize space? 
  • Which destinations should be selected for colonization programs? 
  • How exactly should colonies beyond Earth should be developed?

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